Hiking and cycling in Habo, Hökensas and around Vättern.
Habo Camping & Stugby is a great starting point for going on a hiking or cycling route.


Here is a brief description of a number of popular hiking trails near the campsite. There are other trails we can recommend, but then it is better to contact us by email or to request the information on site.
For a short outing, there are several short trails around and nearby the campsite, however these routes are not always well marked but in principle not difficult to follow. You will get a map at the front desk and an explanation of how to best follow the route, these routes are child friendly and easily accessible.

From the campsite you can also enter more marked and longer trails, for example, if you walk towards Ebbarp, it can be up to 10 or 14 km long hiking trails starting from the Gränsenstugan.
Alternatively, you can drive from the campsite to a starting point of a trail, in this case, the Gränsenstugan in Habo has different roads with lengths of 3 to 14 km.

In Fagerhult you will find the start of 3 different hikes between 3 and 15 km. Here is also the starting point for Västra Vätterleden stage 7 and 8. Västra Vätterleden is 187 km long and divided into 8 legs.
On the south side of the campsite is Bankerydsleden, this trail is 24.5 km long and very well marked. During this walk you will also encounter a place with the opportunity to grill and you can also stay in a shelter if you want.


The Hökensås is a 55km2 nature reserve where you have many kilometers of asphalt and gravel roads, this is the perfect biking and you are surrounded by Swedish nature, which is famous for many tall trees, as well as beautiful little and big lakes, and maybe you will also come across a deer or fox on the road.


Do you want to ride a city bike, mountain bike or regular bike? You have incredible opportunities from the campsite. Here is a short description with a few examples, again, if you want more information please email us or go to reception if you are on site.

To bike around Vättern is a challenge, especially for those who do not bike so often, but for experienced cyclists it can be quite good. The lake itself is the second biggest in Sweden with the highest point being 300 meters above sea level.

A bike path goes along the campsite and can take you to Habo (5 km north) or Jönköping (12 km south). To the west we have a beautiful route that leads you to the Habo Church, this church is unique and always open to the public. During the summer months, the nearby cafe is a perfect place to rest and enjoy a Swedish “Fika”. On the way back to the campsite, you can go through Habo or Fiskebäck, both roads will have a great view of Vättern and Visingsö, recommended!